While we are happy to bill your insurance carrier for all medically necessary procedures, we cannot guarantee that they will pay for anything we do. We bill your insurance as a courtesy and will do our best to work with them. Please understand that you are ultimately responsible to pay whatever your insurance does not cover. We are under contract with your insurance company to accept their determination of benefits and are not allowed to give further discounts.

We will advise you of diagnosis and procedures that are typically not covered by insurance. You may then choose to have the services and pay for them as self pay.


All skin removed will be reviewed by two board certified dermatopathologists. This is to assure accuracy of diagnosis and recommended treatments. This extra care takes extra time and occasionally requires an additional charge. We will do our best to notify you of all results by phone when we have it complete. This may take a couple of weeks.


We follow the national HIPAA guidelines to keep your personal health information confidential. You may have access and share access under these guidelines but it will require you to give written consent. There are times when a charge may be incurred for copying and sending records. If you have questions, please take time to review our guidelines.

Children under 18 years of age

If we are seeing a child under the age of 18 we require a parent or other adult designated by the parent to be present with the child during the appointment.